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Yoga is good for the body and mind 🙏 If you can’t afford classes, there are lots of yoga gurus on YouTube that have tutorials! One I would recommend is Tara Stiles.

You have so much. You have to start believing in yourself.

— Tara Stiles (via yoginyc)

Throw Away Your Scale

When is the last time you saw a gorgeous tiger, horse, fish, or any other animal worry about their weight? Have you ever seen a leopard suck it in, pinch her stomach, or abuse herself for eating too much last night? Wild animals, and even or domesticated friends don’t have body issues. They eat when they are hungry, play when they have energy, and rest when they need rest. You might think animals don’t have stress like us humans do. Animals don’t have to hold jobs, pay bills, and raise children like we do, so of course having body issues is ridiculous. But of course animals have stress, they simply deal with it in a more natural manor.

Animals hunt and search for food when they are hungry. They are afraid for their lives when in danger of being hunted. They live day-to-day seeking everything they need to survive. They bear and raise children. It’s logical that they might even have a more stressful life than most of us who live in a comfortable home, have food in our fridge, and a sense of security in our every day existence. Not only do animals not have body issues, but they use their bodies fully in their lives. Animals move how it feels good and useful to move. They wiggle and stretch when their bodies need to be adjusted. They clean and nurture them selves. Animals don’t have health insurance or a prescription card. They are their own best health care providers and they do a great job.

We can learn so much about our selves from observing animals. We are nature, but we forget. We become a ball of stress over our years, wound up, tight, and eventually hunched over and curled up. We use our brains to worry instead of improve. We stop using our most valuable instrument, our bodies. We take our selves for granted and when we do, we decay before our very own eyes.

Several years ago when I was on my path to getting healthy I realized I still had a big problem. I was weighing myself several times a day purely out of habit. Weighing yourself I’ve found is a sickness and a completely unnecessary routine and a destructive habit. If you have a serious health problem or need to monitor your weight for some valid reason, please listen to your doctor and throw away my advice here. But, for the rest of us, trust me, you don’t need that evil box sitting in your bathroom. Walk on over there and throw it in the trash. Promise yourself to never buy another one, because that’s wasteful. Take the trash out, and that’s that. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

— Tara Stiles (via themountainwoman)